Radka Jaderna

Social Media & Community Specialist

Radka is Casino Guru's Social Media & Community Specialist. She had been providing technical support to clients in need for 6 years. Subsequently, she tried out strategic purchasing, sales department support and internal logistics, all to finally find her fulfilment in the community and social media. She discovered that helping others and feeling useful makes her happy.

As a child, Radka always wished to become an astronaut. Today, she compensates for her dream with sci-fi books and movies.

You can find me on LinkedIn as well.

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Привет, спасибо за отзыв 🙂. Что вам больше нравится, игры в казино или ставк... 1 час назад
Привет, Мальдадорог. Позвольте мне объяснить, что мы ценим и учитываем мнение... 1 час назад
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