Martin Donly

Casino Quality & Complaint Specialist

Martin is a casino quality specialist for Casino Guru’s casino review team, making sure that all information about casinos is correct and up to date. As an addition to that, he is also helping players with their complaints. Martin made a significant leap in his professional path to join our team, transitioning from an assistant manager position in the gastro industry to his current occupation.

In his personal life, Martin is led by his unchained metal-head heart. He dedicates much of his time to music, practicing, and playing live with his band. Martin is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing electric guitar, bass, and drums. His other interests are cars, military history, technology, and big cats. So, everything loud, fast, and dangerous.


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Привет, Даррелл! Вам уже удалось получить свои средства? 5 часов назад
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Дорогой Браксонракс, Мы не слышали от вас какое-то время. Продлеваем таймер н... 3 дней назад
Уважаемый FX4610! Мы получили некоторые подтверждающие документы по электронн... 3 дней назад
К сожалению, мы вынуждены отклонить этот случай, поскольку игрок не ответил н... 3 дней назад
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