Kristina Stark

Casino Quality & Complaint Specialist

Kristina is currently one of the capable “first responders” in Casino Guru’s complaint team. She had humble beginnings in our company, joining the casino review team while still working on her university degree. But she quickly grew in rank, transitioning from updating our online casino list section to working in the elite team and random check team simultaneously. The elite team’s responsibility is to review the crém de la crém online casinos, while the random check team reviews the work of other casino review team’s members’ work.

In her personal life, Kristina is an artistic soul. She loves painting, to which she’s dedicated a significant portion of her life, arts and crafts, and dancing. She’s also deeply in tune with nature and animals, which has seen her adopt two (possibly three as of the time of writing) cats, and step by step, become a vegan. Though not the healthy kind of vegan, mind you. More so, the type that would live off of chips and wine if they could.


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